Within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code, primarily, it provides all kinds of legal consultancy to companies in the field of company law, and especially in order to create corporate memory, all kinds of daily operations of companies, preparation of internal directive in which delegation of authority is issued, preparation of all kinds of board decisions, execution of general assembly procedures, keeping of legal books and company the execution and liquidation of the enterprise, domestic and foreign companies to carry out the process of liaison offices and branch offices in Turkey, including company provides legal services related to all kinds of transactions as required by law.

  1. Preparation of company contracts
  2. Preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts
  3. Preparation and follow-up of commercial cases and execution of enforcement proceedings
  4. Organizing and conducting meetings foreseen under the Turkish Commercial Code for companies
  5. Legal evaluation of administrative decisions and informing about the conflicts that may arise due to these decisions
  6. Preparation and execution of legal affairs related to capital increase / reduction
  7. Counseling on the prevention of unfair competition and consumer legislation

Acting as the deputy of the leading companies in the energy market sector, Ortapınar Law Office provides legal consultancy and advocacy services for all kinds of national and international energy investments in the electricity, natural gas and LPG markets.

In order to find solutions to the problems faced by market players in the energy sector, Ortapınar Law Office regularly monitors the changing legal structure of the markets and the related regulations, and it also represents representation on the resolution of administrative sanctions and legal disputes facing its clients, EMRA, other administrative authorities, arbitration boards and courts offers service.

Our law firm provides consultancy and advocacy services in the field of energy law, not limited to the following areas:

  • Cancellation of administrative fines imposed by EMRA and other administrative authorities
  • Following the legislation subject to the extraction, production and establishment of energy plants and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses in accordance with the legislation.
  • Modification and transfer of licenses
  • Providing legal support to energy companies on competition law
  • Providing legal advice for incentives and privatizations for renewable energy and other energy investments in the energy market
  • Preparation and evaluation of bilateral, group, national and international energy contracts
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