About Us

The office has been established in 2003.From that day on were established,act with similar thoughts,human dignity,principle of equality by accepting the center of action,personal liberty trying to be İzmir Bar within the scope of be in the service.Over the years,we continues our work that in line with demands of clientele.

Our studies has naturally been in all areas of law.However,either our country’s socio/economic/cultural both our law’s alteration rapidity and as like Court of Appeal,Council of State,Supreme Court,Chancery besides,Appeal Court have been set up and that Chancery is varying abounding proceedings and in line with our clientele interests shallbe examined requirement opposite that some fields overspecialise becomes unavoidable.

The new branches of law was born either globalization or national developments as a result of the before  paragraph point of subject.Zoning Law,Building Laws,Energy Law etc. fields are majors of law.But,it was not like this in the past.Finally,advantages of clientele update becomes unavoidable according to the new developements.

Under the circumstances,we have a grasp of Energy Law thanks to the studies of workshop and symposium.All of disputes related to Labour Law because of the relationship of empoleyee -management that we peer-review long times and we focus on our studies which fields of unpopular Social Security Law/Bag-Kur Law.

Besides caused by accident resulting in material damages,accident involving death or personal injury,regording  Highway Traffic Law disputes related to this application insurance company about pecuinary and non-pecuinary damages and prosecution of an action in addition that this subject there is been discussed experted staffs.

Once again there is an experted lawyers about Zoning Law,Ottoman of land registration/decretive and fields of Building Laws and Tax Law regulatory and developments -changes of regulations and on behalf of Chancery precedent’s follow a proceedings closely.

Meantime,our country have an important geopolitical position,so we are close to Company Law.Just like administration continues with continuity and variablities that opposite power of citizen and constitutional application of the law who is administration’s make a mistake and abuse of rights.We work always about fields of Administrative Law.

You may see all of them in the headline of services.We  shall serve every field of law and we are ready for this .However,we have experted staff which is refered above fields. 

Office offer consulting service against the necessities of the time and our country’s conditions of socio/economic/cultural and if you attorney agreement , our clientele must pursue a lawsuit with experted staffs.

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