Family; Since it is the smallest and most valuable building block that shapes the society, a special and expertise Family Law concept has been added among the branches of law. Family Courts resolve all unrest within a family under Family Law.

The main topics of family law are; “Engagement is the terms and conditions of marriage, conditions and consequences of divorce, property regimes, family residence, genocide, adoption, custody, child support, guardianship, trusteeship, legal counseling, assistance support.”

Since Family Law, which has a lot of sub-branches, is a complex and sensitive law, it will be healthier and less corrosive for you to benefit from a lawyer expertise (family lawyer) in family law cases.

  1. Negotiated divorce cases and negotiated divorce protocol
  2. Controversial divorce cases
  3. Marriage contract and property regime contracts
  4. Alimony, material and moral compensation claims, property regime cases
  5. Cases of termination of the duration
  6. Custody cases
  7. Measures, protection and removal decisions within the framework of the law on the protection of the family and the prevention of violence against women
  8. Recognition and enforcement of divorce decisions by foreign courts
  9. Paternity suit
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